Adopt A Pet

The shelter’s adoption rate is $60.00 for each adoption including micro-chipping. This fee barely covers the expenses incurred by the shelter for each cat that is brought to us for care, including vaccinations, medications and all veterinary bills. All cats are spayed or neutered at the appropriate age before adoption, with the exception of the kittens that are too young at the time of adoption. So, you are getting a bargain for a healthy life-long companion.

Complete pricing Breakdown:

Kittens: (over 6 months) Spayed/Neutered $60.00, (under 6 months) Not Spayed/Neutered $60.00

Adults (1-10 years of age):  Spayed/Neutered  $60.00

Seniors (over 10 years):  Spayed/Neutered  $40.00

Special Needs (both kittens and adults):  Spayed/Neutered  $40.00

Cash or Check Only!

NOTE:  Checks will take up to 2 weeks for processing, but you will be able to take your new family home with you in the meantime.

All of our “kids” are viewable on Petfinder.

Adoption Forms:

IMPORTANT:  Adoption forms can be either be completed online, downloaded, completed and e-mailed to, or, please bring the completed forms with you to the shelter.  Keep in mind that forms will take between 48-72 hours to process, so, sending them to the shelter in advance will expedite the adoption.  Carriers are required for pickup.  Cardboard carriers can be purchased at the shelter for $5.00.  We accept check and cash only.  *Please bring exact change.*

If you wish to know whether a cat is still available, please contact the shelter by phone during business hours.  Normally, if the cat is posted on Petfinder, the cat is still available.  Updates are run nightly.

Click HERE to access our online adoption form.

The link below will allow you to access the word doc version of the adoption form if you prefer filling it out offline and either emailing it or dropping it off at the shelter.

Feline Adoption Application NEW March 2024

Adoption FAQ’s:

1. Q: How much is the adoption fee? A: $60.00

2. Q: What kind of paperwork is involved? A: You can print out the form(s) below and fill them out before arriving at the shelter or use the online adoption form. The application paperwork takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and 48-72 hours for the shelter to process.

3. Q: Is there a waiting period for adoptions? A: Most of our adoptions are handled immediately if the adoption paperwork is already processed (see question above), so you will be able to take your new family member with you right away. The exception to this is families who live in a rental property. We need to contact the property owner to ensure your new pet is allowed.

4. Q: Is there a return policy? A: In the event the animal should have to be returned for whatever reason, all the paperwork MUST accompany the cat. The $60.00 donation will not be refunded. There may be a waiting period due to space availability.  There will be a requested donation for all animals returned after 30 days.

5. Q: What do we need to bring with us? A: You will need to bring your driver’s license, your chosen method of payment and a carrier for your new pet. If you do not have a carrier, you can purchase a cardboard carrier from the shelter for $5.00.

6. Q: What forms of payment do you accept? A: Cash or a check made payable to CCFOA. We do not accept credit cards.

7. Q: Is our new pet spayed/neutered and vaccinated? A: All the cats at the shelter are spayed/neutered and vaccinated except for kittens. Kittens are required to be spayed/neutered once they come of age. For a list of available spay/neuter clinics, please view the following link:

8. Q: Do you test for any illnesses? A: Yes, new additions to our shelter are isolated and tested for FeLV and given a rabies and distemper vaccination. If they are old enough to be spayed/neutered, that will be done as well. If a potential adopter requests additional tests, (such as FIV), they are provided at cost. For more information on vaccinations, please visit the following site:

9. Q: We do not live in Carbon County. Can we adopt a cat from your shelter? A: Of course! We are just thrilled when one of our “kids” finds a wonderful home. If you plan to make the drive to our shelter and have a particular kitty in mind, be sure to call us first to be sure we still have the cat. In addition, please complete the adoption paperwork and submit it several days in advance.  Regardless, our kitties love company and so do we!

10. Q: What can we expect from our new pet? A: It is likely that your new addition will hide and shy away from his/her new family. Many of these animals were strays and some have been in the shelter for months or years. These cats grow accustomed to living in cages and eventually feel safe there. You must be PATIENT and allow your new pet TIME to acclimate to his/her new surroundings. If you have other pets in your household, be sure to introduce them slowly, over a period of days, weeks, and sometimes months. If you have a cage, please set it up and allow your new pet to sleep there if he/she wishes. Using common sense, love, patience and by allowing them all the time he/she needs, you will have a wonderful addition to your home and family.