Carbon County Friends of Animals is a non-profit organization which advocates the elimination of animal suffering through sheltering and finding homes for unwanted pets. We also promote low-cost spaying and neutering, and provide educational outreach concerning the welfare of pets. We are a privately run organization, founded in 1997 from a direct need to shelter unwanted cats within our county. Although Carbon County is part of our organization name, we do NOT receive any funding from the county or any other government agency. Unlike the Carbon County Shelter, which is a county-run organization providing shelter for unwanted or stray dogs that receives government funding, all of our operating, maintenance, and care expenses are paid for by monies raised by fund-raising and donations. Our goal is to try to shelter as many cats as possible without having to look towards euthanasia as a means of control. We continuously rely and greatly appreciate the donations that we receive from our generous contributors.

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